A succesful edition of the CIBP LINK ALUMNI DAYS in Bordeaux

The 4th edition of the CIBP LINK ALUMNI DAYS September 11-13, 2014 in Bordeaux was a success and proved again to be mind-opening for the participants!

Mr Nicolas Lesur, founder of the lending platform Unilend and President of the Financing Participatory Association, the federation of crowdfunding in France, gave thoughtful presentation on Crowdfunding while Mr Erwan Audouit,  Head of Partnerships and Microcredit for the presidency for the Crédit Cooperative, explained how their bank integrate the People’s movement into their strategy.


The Charter of Popular and Cooperative Banks: Values and commitments

The CIBP General Secretariat in cooperation with all the members has released The Charter of Popular and

Cooperative Banks adopted by the CIBP members in Fez in October 2013.

The charter states the Value and Commitments of the CIBP members

CIBP LINK international training programme end its 7th module and start the the 8th module in Montabaur

The participants of the 7th cycle of the CIBP LINK international training programme from Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Morocco met in Montabaur at the Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG) on June 26 to present their Co-operation projects. This procedure represent the last commitment before receiving the CIBP LINK certificate.

At this occasion the participants of 8th cycle has also met for their fist module. CIBP has welcomed a wider registered participants, coming also from Austria, Brazil, Italy, France, Morocco, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. The total number of registered participants counts for the first time of 18.


CIBP General Assembley and Executive Committee met in Rome

Members of the Executive Committee of CIBP has gathered in Rome on 19th June in the context of the 75 anniversary of the Italian member ICBPI.


CIBP Working Group on Governance met in Brussels

 The CIBP WG on Governance met 12 June 2014 at the premises of the CIBP General Secretariat in Brussels. The meeting had the objective to debate on different aspects related to governance in co-operative organisations.

One of the main goal of this WG is to present a report and some recommendations on co-operative governance on the occasion of the Quebec Summit of Cooperatives in October 2014. Such recommendations will include the following topics: Well-balance representation inside the board; Competence and training; Independence: inside the board and external about external pressure; Transparency and comply or explain principle (do comply or explain why you don’t comply); Proximity and network.