Innovation booster

Designing Tomorrow‘s Cooperative Bank. Sicoob Brazil starts immediately to spread the findings of the CIBP-Study and to translate them into a business model. 

 Two days after the presentation of the Study „Designing Tomorrow‘s Cooperative & Popular Bank“at the 29th CIBP Congress in Rio de Janeiro Fotis Filippopoulos inspired more than 250 Sicoob top managers with the CIBP findings in the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial in Brasilia.

No time to lose. Marco Aurélio de Almada, Chief Executive Officer of Bancoob Brazil wanted his cooperative bank to be the first in adopting the thougth-provocating look at the emerging future presented at the CIBP Congress in Rio de Janeiro.

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27th CIBP Congress Rio De Janeiro:Tomorrow’s Cooperative and Popular Banks are designed to lead in the future.

(Rio de Janeiro, 20.10.2015) At the 29th CIBP Congress more than 360 cooperative leaders sent a strong message: Cooperative and popular banks have to empower themselves in order to become a significant source of social development.

 From 18 to 20 October 2015, participants in this successful event received wide scopes and insights about how innovation is impacting the business model of cooperative and popular banks. Digital revolution, proximity, demographic changes and  cooperative values were some of the key topics addressed.


Mrs Andrea Karner New CIBP General Secretary

As from 20th October 2015 Mrs Andrea karner is the General Secretary of the Confederation.

CIBP members congratulates with her and wish her great success in leading all the projects and activities that CIBP is carrying out.

The family of CIBP takes the opportunity to also congratulate the former Secretary Mr Huberdeau for his retairement and thank him once again for the 11 year of great managment of the secretariat

Open your mind

The 9th  CIBP LINK cycle started on Wednesday, June 10 in Montabaur, Germany.

As per tradition, every CIBP LINK cycle  links  the previous and the new groups of the popular and cooperative bank managers together.

This is always a great success and a unique experience for all participants and the organisers. 

Innovation, globalisation, new competitors, disruptive financial markets and a new generation of customers are just some of the challenges banks are facing today. Popular and cooperative banks might look much more different in five or ten years.

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CIBP Expert Circle on Financial Strategy and Regulation

 On Monday 8th June took place a CIBP meeting of the Expert Circle on Financial Strategy and Regulation. The meeting consisted of two presentations together with an exchange of views:

European Central Bank (ECB): Overview on DG4 methodologies within the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
1.       Mr Etienne de Bridiers, Head of Section, Methodology & Standards Development Division, Directorate General Micro-Prudential Supervision
2.       Ms Joana Peralta, Senior Supervisor Specialist, Methodology & Standards Development Division, Directorate General Micro-Prudential Supervision, European Central Bank

The purpose was to give an overview of the DG4 methodologies within the SSM. The presentation was followed by an exchange of views where members had the opportunity to raise their concerns on this topic.
The SSM has fours DGs:
DG1 and DG2 are for Significant banks
DG3 for Less significant banks
DG4 for all SSM banks. DG4 has an horizontal supervision and covers the following areas:
·         Supervisory Quality Assurance
·         Supervisory Policies
·         Methodology & Standards
·         Authorisation
·         Risk Analysis
·         Enforcement & Sanctions
·         Crisis Management
·         Planning & Coordination
·         Centralised on-site
·         Model validation

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