We are excited to launch GRACE16 a Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy!

We're inviting leaders, researchers, thinkers & practitioners within the Coop sector like yourself,  to assess the cross-sector challenges & explore the way different Coops can work together in an Augmented Collaborative Economy. 

What if we evolved the nature of Cooperativism in a way that it reflects businesses that are smarter, faster, more productive and more connected?

The findings of the study will be presented on 11-13 October 2016, at the 3rd International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec.

Our overall objective is to advance the management practice of Coops across industries, through practical and actionable insights and by better understanding the evolving role of Collaborative Economy within the Coop sector, while we explore topics including digitalisation, system dynamics, ecosystem economics and platform based business modelling.

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CIBP partners up with the 3rd International Summit of Cooperatives

CIBP announces the Silver partnership with the 3rd International Summit of Cooperatives that will take place from 10 to 11 October 2016 in Quebec City (Canada). At the same time the SUMMIT joins CIBP in launching GRACE16. “We are honoured of supporting the organisers in this great endeavor not only financially but also in taking an active role in this outstanding event” Ms Andrea Karner, General Secretary of CIBP says. "The core of our mission consists indeed in teaming up with the relevant players in order to reinforce the business model of our members". CIBP members will contribute with valuable insights that will be shared during this amazing event. Together with the organizers of the Summit CIBP will present the result of a quantitative expert study on Augmented Collaborative Economy (GRACE16). The research is designed to explore the way different Coops could interact within an Augmented Collaborative Economy.

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CIBP meets its contact person to work on the implementation of the Action Plan 2015-2018.

Last October CIBP reshuffled its governing bodies. Mr. Mohammed Benchaaboun, President of Groupe Banque Populaire de Maroc handed over the presidency to the Italian Mr. Giovanni de Censi, President of ICBPI. Mr. Bernard Huberdeau who successfully led the Association for 11 years went on retirement last October. Hence, the General Assembly of CIBP appointed Mrs. Andrea Karner as new Secretary General of CIBP to steer the implementation of the CIBP Action Plan 2015-2018.

Considering all the changes in the governing structure of the Confederation, CIBP held its first contact person meeting to present the new Action Plan and to exchange on the best ways to work together and achieve our common goals. \After a roundtable presentation of all our contact person, CIBP presented its new Action Plan along with its current activities and new projects.

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Innovation booster

Designing Tomorrow‘s Cooperative Bank. Sicoob Brazil starts immediately to spread the findings of the CIBP-Study and to translate them into a business model. 

 Two days after the presentation of the Study „Designing Tomorrow‘s Cooperative & Popular Bank“at the 29th CIBP Congress in Rio de Janeiro Fotis Filippopoulos inspired more than 250 Sicoob top managers with the CIBP findings in the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial in Brasilia.

No time to lose. Marco Aurélio de Almada, Chief Executive Officer of Bancoob Brazil wanted his cooperative bank to be the first in adopting the thougth-provocating look at the emerging future presented at the CIBP Congress in Rio de Janeiro.

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27th CIBP Congress Rio De Janeiro:Tomorrow’s Cooperative and Popular Banks are designed to lead in the future.

(Rio de Janeiro, 20.10.2015) At the 29th CIBP Congress more than 360 cooperative leaders sent a strong message: Cooperative and popular banks have to empower themselves in order to become a significant source of social development.

 From 18 to 20 October 2015, participants in this successful event received wide scopes and insights about how innovation is impacting the business model of cooperative and popular banks. Digital revolution, proximity, demographic changes and  cooperative values were some of the key topics addressed.


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