6th Forum Co-operative Banks and SMEs

The Confédération Internationale des Banques Populaires (CIBP), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC),  the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB), the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (UEAPME) and Unico Banking Group have presented the programme of the 6th Forum Co-operative banks and SMEs: a model to finance the real economy.


The Charter of Popular and Cooperative Banks: Values and commitments

The CIBP General Secretariat in cooperation with all the members has released The Charter of Popular and

Cooperative Banks adopted by the CIBP members in Fez in October 2013.

The charter states the Value and Commitments of the CIBP members

CIBP LINK Programme: Module on Leadership in Quebec City

On the occasion of the second edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives, the CIBP LINK participants gathered in Québec City for the very first time.  It was the perfect opportunity to attend the numerous impressive conferences of the Summit. The messages were strong on the importance of building the future by engaging young people.

The Summit was also highlighted by CIBP members representatives. Among our Presidents, Mr D’Amours and Mr Kirsch conveyed a strong message during the CIBP LINK welcome evening. Referring to the importance of intercooperation and networking in the cooperative world, they were inspired by the meeting of different organisations around so many events  and insisted on the role that the cooperative movement has to play in the world.

Moreover, the 18 participants of the 8th cycle learned about the business environment of the Mouvement Desjardins during the days following the event from predominant leaders of Desjardins. The members coming from different horizons were indeed tackled by the impact cooperative values have on the institution’s culture and the communities that benefit from it.

The Module II Leadership focused this time on the transformational changes that leaders undergo in a complex world.  Inspirational questions were asked on how we can create together meaningful, impactful and lasting projects.  Other key words during sessions popped out: Partnership, Development of new capacities to meet today’s challenges with more ease and efficiency.


A succesful edition of the CIBP LINK ALUMNI DAYS in Bordeaux

The 4th edition of the CIBP LINK ALUMNI DAYS September 11-13, 2014 in Bordeaux was a success and proved again to be mind-opening for the participants!

Mr Nicolas Lesur, founder of the lending platform Unilend and President of the Financing Participatory Association, the federation of crowdfunding in France, gave thoughtful presentation on Crowdfunding while Mr Erwan Audouit,  Head of Partnerships and Microcredit for the presidency for the Crédit Cooperative, explained how their bank integrate the People’s movement into their strategy.